Our clients receive integrated transportation and forwarding services including both solution of particular tasks and implementation of any challenging projects.

Organization and management of cargo delivery
by motor transport.

Our company organizes cargo delivery means of canvas-cover and refrigerator vehicles with a loading capacity from 1 to 24 tons.

Organization of multimodal cargo transportation.alt

The eight-year-long working experience at the market of international transportation services allows us to develop an optimal cargo delivery scheme using various means of transportation.

Organization of bulky and heavy cargo transportation.alt

Qualified personnel of the company speaking different foreign languages, will solve any question while dealing with your foreign partners from different countries. 

Organization of delivery of assorted cargos.alt

Our competent staff will choose the best suitable vehicle to transport your goods, monitor compliance with all the rules of loading and unloading operations for safety and in order to avoid any damage of your goods, clearly trace the availability of all the necessary documents and certificates and make sure that your goods are delivered in the shortest possible time.

Organization of delivery of dangerous cargos (ADR).alt

The experience of work with leading enterprises of petrochemical industry of our country has become a guarantee of a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation of the “Service M Logistic” and the transportation companies owning the rolling stock for dangerous cargos transportation (ADR).

Additional cargo insurance. alt

Using transportation and forwarding services of our company, except the protection of risks according to the insurance policy of civil liability of a carrier and a forwarding agent, you also have an opportunity of additional insurance on favorable for you terms.

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